About the Alabama Catfish Feedmill, LLC

The Alabama Catfish Feedmill, LLC originated and opened in 1999 with the goal and mission to serve the local farmers with competitive catfish feed pricing. The Alabama Catfish Feedmill produces 32% Select, 32%, and 28% catfish feed that is essential to the healthy growth of catfish within our industry. In addition to these, we now offer a 16% cattle feed. Our feed is cost effective to help maximize profits for the farmer. The Alabama Catfish Feedmill has the capability to ship its feed throughout West Alabama, as well as East Mississippi. Annually, we produce roughly 95,000 tons of catfish feed for our customers. We continue to work with research specialist within our industry to help our farmers produce the best product possible. We also offer our farmers access to all of our feed formulas.

Office: (334) 628-6446

Fax: (334) 628-6447

Physical Address:

1420 Washington St, Uniontown, AL 36786

Billing Address:

PO Box 799, Uniontown, AL 36786